Exclusive NFTs that support Charity!

80% of profits goes towards helping end world hunger


Holding our NFTs enters you into our ultra rare giveaway!

1% Ultra Rare NFT

7% Super Rare NFT

18% Rare NFT

74% Common NFT


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Two NFT Categories

NFT Drops happen in pairs. Legitimate Art and Memes.

Space Themed Artwork and Media NFTs

Brilliant artworks from brilliant artists.

Our team will finely curate the best works for our NFT Drops.


The community provides, votes, and decides which top Memes will be minted.

Special bonus prizes if your submission gets voted in as an NFT drop.

$ElonGate for a cause - 80% of NFT profits go to the Charity!

The United Nations World Food Programme is the world's largest humanitarian organization focused on hunger and food security.

Action Against Hunger is a global humanitarian organization which originated in France and is committed to ending world hunger.

$ElonGate will donate consistently to help charities with their mission.

$ElonGate may have been born a memecoin, but will go down in history as the biggest memecoin that helped tackle world hunger and other charities.

There was this tweet which is ironic, as the poster doesn't realise that Elon will donate half of his wealth to charity while he is alive. We are with you Elon!

Note! The remaining 20% is split amongst:

  • Artist royalties
  • Operational costs

We will donate via other mechanisms e.g. Dev donations and fundraisers.

Donations will be transparently and securely handled for all $ElonGate holders to track.

NFTs will be purchased with $BNB until they can be bought with our own $ElonGate coin. Enjoy low gas fees.

ElonGate Homepage

https://elongate.cc/ <---

Sneak Peak into potential NFT drops!

After each NFT drop event, we will run the giveaway for holders. Expect at least 1 NFT drop per month. This is just an idea of whats to come.


MemePost No. 1
Total: 200 NFTs
Price: 0.10 $BNB
Giveaway Entries: 1

$ElonGate Coin

MemePost No. 2
Total: 200 NFTs
Price: 0.10 $BNB
Giveaway Entries: 1


Total: 200 NFTs
Price: 1 $BNB
Giveaway Entries: 10

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